Web Programming, Web Development & Web Marketing Skills:

Non-technical overview:

I am an experienced developer of database-driven websites required to perform complex information processing, storage, analysis and reporting tasks. Put simply, I write the programs that enable websites to do much more than just display static pages. In addition to my technical expertise I have a good understanding of the human and commercial aspects of web development such as navigability for end users and optimization for search engines.

Technical overview:



Programming websites in PHP using MySQL databases: My experience in PHP includes writing my own PHP classes to handle database queries and output results; My experience in MySQL includes using Full-text indexing to allow database search results to be ranked for relevance and for semantic keyword searches to be performed.

Windows Server

ASP/SQL Server/Access

Programming websites in ASP using Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access: My experience in ASP includes writing my own ASP functions to prevent run-time errors, SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks; My experience with SQL Server includes writing my own stored procedures in Transact-SQL to facilitate faster database searches.


I am familiar with a vast array of PHP functions and ASP components, including using Regular Expressions to perform complex string analysis and manipulation tasks. I am also very experienced at designing relational databases, writing multi-table SQL queries/views and creating file structures for complex websites. I am comfortable developing in either Linux or Windows server environments and have experience configuring both these platforms.


Programming in JavaScript for a variety of client-side tasks, from simple form validation to dynamic HTML. Implementing AJAX to create more 'application-like' websites that use JavaScript event-handlers to call server-side scripts and return dynamic content. Integrating complex JavaScript controls into CMS for rich-text editing and image editing facilities.


Coding in XHTML and CSS to create fast, cross-browser, standard compliant web templates. Using CSS to create search engine friendly page structures and allowing quick and easy modification of website appearance and presentation. Using CSS for transparency effects and integrating with JavaScript for cascading drop-down menus and pop-up boxes. Parsing and generating XML and RSS feeds. Using Action Script to load and process XML data in Flash movies and create dynamic displays.

Other Skills/Technologies

Familiar with the implementation and configuration of a broad range of internet technologies including Google Maps and Analytics, embedded Flash videos, Lightbox JS for image presentation and sIFR for rich-font accessible typography. I am also experienced at creating and editing images in Photoshop and Fireworks having had a background in design before specializing in programming. I have also been told I make a great cup of tea!

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